Yuki Ito IF Design Award winner 2019

19 Feb 2019
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Japan's Top Fishing Tackle Manufacturer made history!!

Yuki Ito of Megabass won IF Design Award for two straight years

Yuki Ito of Megabass, Japan made a history winning the award of 2019 after the winning three departments in 2018 at the world's most historic and prestigious design award International Forum Design Award (IF Design), namely, the Oscar award in design, held in Munich, Germany.

The awarded item is Megabass monster bass rod "VALKYRE" Series (all rods of the series). Its excellent rod performance draws attention in Japan, United Staes and even in Europe.

Yuki Ito will be present at Pescare Show 2019, we are waiting for you on our stand from 23rd to 25th Februar