08 May 2014
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The first Plus Fishing Event in 2014 inivites Mr. Kikumoto of Evergreen International, known worldwide as “Mr. Big Bait”.
Mr. Kikumoto is one of the leading authorities of Japanese fishing lures, who developed numerous lures since foundation of Evergreen International.
At this Event you can can observe nearby the style of the bass angler top of the world.

Date: 08 June, 2014
Time: 07:00 – 15:00
Place: Oasi Ca' del Lago
Address: Via U.Grandis 12/a
3020 Cinto Caomaggiore (VE)
Tel. 0421/209796
Participation fee: EUR35.00
(includes lunch and tournament participation) per person
Partner: EUR25.00 (includes lunch and admission) per person

After purchasing the tickets, Plus Fishing will send out Invitaion Cards to the registered e-mail address. Please show it at the reception of the Event.

We reached the maximum capacity. We can no longer accept new participants.


* The number of people who can access the area is estimated at approximately 70 people. 

img kikumotoToshifumi Kikumoto

1997 The First JB World Champion
From 2002, keeps distance from tournaments and devotes to tackle development. As a development staff of Evergreen, produces various note tackles.
His motto: “I like extra-large, cars and basses!”
His fishing style is dynamic and powerful. Favorite lures are big baits and rubber jigs.


Event Program:

07:00 – 07:40 Entry
(Please show your Invitation Card and receive a badge)

07:40 – 08:00 Briefing
(Plus Fishing staff will inform the schedule and rules, followed by introduction of Mr. Kikumoto)

08:00 – 12:30 Tournament by belly boat or from bank
(Win a prize if you catch the longest black bass or pike)

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch
(At the restaurant Ca' del Lago)

13:30 – 14:30 Awards ceremony
(Prize giving, Seminar by Mr. Kikumoto)

14:30 – 15:00 Autograph
(Mr. Kikumoto will give out autographs)

15:00 Closing

About the Tournament:
Fishing from belly boat or from the coast.
The size of prey is measured by photos of digital camera or mobile phone.
When you catch, please call a Plus Fishing staff, who will take a photo to create a report.
Belly boat, digital camera and/or mobile phone, measure, all other necessary equipments for the tournament is to be supplied by each participant.


About photos of Bass / Pike:

You are requested to take the photo of the prey together with a measure and your badge.
Attention - the measure shall not touch the prey for a clear vision.
The mouth shall be closed. In case the mouth of the prey is wide open, Plus Fishing staff will re-examine the size.
Please be careful of camrea shake or blurring.
Don't forget to bring a measure with you!


- No postponement for rain. The event might be cancelled due to extremely bad weather.

- In case of cancellation of the competition, Plud Fishing is not liable to any personal expenses of the participants (accomodation, transportation, etc.).

- There may be sudden cancellation on the very day due to unavoidable circumstances.

- In case of fishing at the prohibited area, the particiant is immediately disqualified and not allowed to participate the competition.

- Any malicious behavior, for example, prepare a fish beforehand, is subject to be disqualified, thus not allowed to participate in this Event; may also be removed from the Plus Fishing membership.

- Dead fish, fish with hook in its mouth, fish with unnatural wounds will not be measured.

- Lure fishing only. Not allowed live baits or fly.

- Please release the fish into the same water immediately after measureing.

- Any accident or trouble on the way to/from and at the Event place is each participant's own responsability. Plus Fishing is not liable to any accident, damage, loss, or illness.

- Plus Fishing may not be able to inform you upon Alarms and Warnings. You are kindly requested to be careful constantly and secure your safety.

- For your safety, please provide life jackets, caps, sunglasses. Plus Fishing is not liable to incidents such as falling into water.

- Please provide rain wears and towels.

- Participants, including partners, shall agree all conditions, rules and notes of this Event and shall not make any claim, such as compensation, against organizer and sponsor, under any circumstances, accidents, troubles.