Deps Basirisky: The Crawler Frog

24 Jun 2013
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Fishing waters with a lot of vegetation on the surface?. There’s no problem if you’re able to select the right bait for the job. You can find several hollow-bait designs and not all topwater frogs are created equal. There are different lure actions for different moods of the fish.

Some frogs like the Evergreen Combat Big Bite Frog, OSP Skating Frog, Jackall Iobee or Deps Slitherk, will work wonders with the walking the dog technique. Just twich the rod on a semi-taut line and it will zig-zag across the water surface.

You can also find frogs that pop. These are soft plastic lures with a cupped mouth that splash and split water when you work them properly. The Evergreen Popper Frog and Deps Buster-K are good examples of this category.

And then, there is the unique Deps Basirisky: a wild acting topwater lure that crawls across the surface as you retrieve it in a slow-steady motion, creating a trail of splashes as it goes.

This commotion (water movement and that nice ‘plop, plop, plop’ noise) is easily keyed upon by the eyesight and lateral line of fish, one reason why this lure has great fish catching potential.

As the bait is retrieved, their forward facing 'legs' slash from side-to-side to create a cadence on the water that drives big bass wild. For a predator, it’s easy to attack a prey that’s leaving behind a huge ripple on the water's surface.

I love the Basirisky Hard Belly Frog in a high visibility because of its increased bite- hook up ratio. The larger size has a great profile for bigger fish. There are days when lurking bass will bite this easy target with a vengeance.

Are big bass on the hunt?. Throw a Basirisky frog on the top of the thick grass, mats or scattered vegetation and hold on your rod!