TALEX lenses for fishing!

27 May 2013
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talex for fishing

As an advanced angler, you should consider polarized lenses are a critical part of your fishing equipment, specially if you’re interested in seeing through the surface to what’s underneath. 

In clear water, polarized sunglasses will help you, reducing reflective glare, to see beneath the water surface and spot the fish.

To maximize your opportunities, you should give special attention to the tinting of your polarized lenses. I’m talking about picking the right coloured lenses for the conditions in which you will fish. Here are some basic guidelines:

“Easy Green” and “Vista Yellow” tinted lenses are good for low light conditions like early morning, late evening or if you are fishing in a cloudy or overcast day.

“True View Sports” are the ones an angler will choose for his fishing sunglasses and fish with, because its ability to perform in a wide range of conditions.

“Action Copper” and “Luster Brown” lenses perform extraordinarily well in changing conditions. They will do the job as an all-round lens.

Hi constrast lens will provide sharper images, so they are excellent for spotting fish

Think about purchasing a single set of frames and contacting TALEX for multiple quality polarized lenses that may be switched  as fishing conditions change. Select the right pair of colored lenses suited for the fishing conditions you will be facing for. Does it sounds too good to be true?.

Find more about Talex at http://www.talex.co.jp/