The Hunt For Big Pike

06 Ago 2013
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pikeI've been obsessed with big pike, since I was a young angler. There are a few rules that will make your big Esox lucius fishing more consistently. Here is a basic guideline for oversized pike angling:

1) Set goals. Trophy 'fish with teeth' are different from small 'hammer handle' pike. They need special lures or techniques to trigger their bite. Forget about numbers and think big.

2) Set up a "milk run". Avoid casting randomly around the lake. Determine what kind of locations that you will want to fish and work those spots with big fish potential at the peak times. Tilt the odds in your favor!.

3) Find the spot on the spot. Even in a fishing area known to have big esox, the baddest pike are not everywhere. They select the best structures to ambush their prey, like edges, where there is a drop into deep water. You'll be wasting your time if your lures are not in the strike window in these feeding areas.

4) Timing is a key. Have you been fishing a hot spot in a peak periods of the year having no results?. Target those places when the conditions are right: wind, changing light conditions, etc. Sometimes you'll have to pull them from the depths or you'll find them on the shallows.

5) Use big lures. Lures that push a lot of water make enough water disturbance to catch the attention of a big predator, especially during those times when monsters are keyed on big preys like barbells and carps. Casting a big bait all day is not an easy task, but you should give a big pike a reason to move and come to hit your lure.

6) Doctor the mechanics. Keep your line in good shape, your hooks sharp, use quality rods, reels and leaders. Learn to fight big fish out of submerged obstacles. Depth and speed control are also an important task. And have a second lure choice ready in case a big pike follows and refuses your figured-8 'musky style' presentation.

7) Learn from experience. Take your big pike fishing to an entirely new level, improving your skills to dissect water, manage time, interpret weather patterns and analyze any other factors occurring in the environment that change a big pike attitude. Time on the water is gold to gain a better understanding of the how and why of trophy pike fishing.
When the fishing gets tough, all the options are on the table and I am still confident that the fish will turn on and I'll have that 'one bite'!.

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