The Legendary TD-ITO Is Resurrected with Demonic Specs IP79 L/R

11 Oct 2013
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The Legendary TD-ITO Is Resurrected with Demonic Specs

In contrast to the IS(Intercepting Speeder) series, popular with reserved, practical anglers, the IP(Intercepting Power) series has been improved with increased winding torque, allowing it to excel during high power struggles with big fish. The high 7.9 gear ratio allows for speedy crank bait retrieves and machine gun shots with jigs while alleviating much of the fatigue from use. The newly designed 100mm long power handle and uniquely designed large diameter narrow spool, which uses ample amounts of lightweight super duralumin, generate massive amounts of torque. To reduce the backlash from the full power casting of lightweight lures, an improved magnetic braking unit has been incorporated and tuned to the settings demanded by our exacting Pro Guides. The new performance contained in this high rigidity full metal housing(*not including the side plate) will help you realize comfortable high speed and high power games.

IP 79 L/R
Bearings: 10BB/1RB
Gear Ratio: 7.9:1
Line/Handle Turn: 89cm
Weight: 215g
Drag Max: 5.0Kg
Line Capacity(lb/yards): 12/135, 16/100


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