Plus Fishing Member – Official Deps Membership Service


Thanks to the collaboration with Deps, Plus Fishing gives all fishing enthusiasts the opportunity to access the Deps exclusive Membership Service! The service is dedicated only to Plush Fishing brands members and enthusiasts.

By becoming a Plus Fishing Member you obtain:

  1. the original Deps lure as a gift;
  2. access to a reserved section for the purchase of exclusive Deps products at the Plus Fishing Online Shop;
  3. the possibility to take part in events organised by Plus Fishing.

Subscription to Plus Fishing Membership 2024

toddrat 2024 members

How does Plus Fishing Member work?

Attention! By registering on the website you do not automatically become a member, you become a Plus Fishing Store customer. Membership subscriptions are normally made in the period of February – March and last about one year - until February – March of the following year. Once the subscription period is over Deps proceeds to produce the gift lures for its members all over the world. It normally takes 2-3 months (May-June) for members to receive their exclusive lures.
During the whole year in the online shop section dedicated to members there are exclusive products that can be pre-ordered. Most of these products must be first ordered and then produced by Deps in a defined quantity. So for each product there is a requited pre-ordering time (about 1 week) and then 2-3 months for production and delivery to the customer.

The subscription cost varies each year but it is around 35 Euros + The shipment costs, that depend on the destination country.

Original Deps lure as a gift

As a subscription privilege you can receive a gift lure developed by Deps as an exclusive model for its members. In the following you can see the lures that members received as a gift in previous years:

plus fishing member 2022 aero twisterplus fishing member 2021 sweet killerplus fishing member 2020 new kakuruplus-fishing-member-2019-dlc104plus-fishing-member-2018-buzz-jet-magnumplus fishing member 2017 blade hustlerplus-fishing-member-2016-yudoplus-fishing-member-2015-flusterplus-fishing-member-2014-bellknocker-magnumBullshooter Jr - Plus Fishing Member 2013Mardyhustler - Plus Fishing Member 2012Bellknocker - Plus Fishing Member 2011Spell Triger - Plus Fishing Member 2010Desman - Plus Fishing Member 2009Ripplejet - Plus Fishing Member 2008microBasirisky - Plus Fishing Member 2007S103 - Plus Fishing Member 2006Kakuru - Plus Fishing Member 2005Buffalo - Plus Fishing Member 2004

Access to a Plus Fishing Member shop;

By becoming a Plus Fishing Member you can buy exclusive model artificial lures, factory tuned models and Plus Fishing garments directly from the section reserved exclusively to Plus Fishing Members.

plus fishing member products

The possibility to take part in events organised by Plus Fishing.

During the year “Member Events” are regularly organised where members can meet.
By becoming a Plus Fishing Member you can also meet exclusive Japanese guests at “Member Events”.

member events