Our Concept


Plus Fishing is a brand created for the European distribution of the best products created for black bass fishing. Exclusive lures supplied by companies such as Megabass (a historical company established in 1986, the undisputed leader in Japan for the production of black bass fishing equipment), Deps (a Japanese company that has reached peaks of appreciation by Japanese anglers thanks to its dynamism), O.S.P (a young but already well-known company thanks to the incredible quality of the lures designed by the famous Japanese professional Toshinari Namiki) and FLT (a company that is selling in incredible numbers in Japan for the quality and care shown in its entire production line) allow us to present Made in Japan products with unrivalled quality levels.

Our mission is not limited to the mere and static distribution of products; the real product user specifications and the Japanese manufacturing concepts very often remain incomprehensible, the equipment is not fully understood because it is not used in the correct and proper way, some secondary uses remain barred to infrequent users of certain products.
Our goal is to inform the final user on all the characteristics and typical particularities that distinguish each product. The Japanese perfectionist mentality manages to optimize and improve every single object through the careful study, high level engineering, maniacal testing, the search of perfection in every single setting, even the most marginal. This very often leads to the production of very technical objects, but that at the same time are also very versatile, such versatility being a critical communication factor due to the impossibility to understand the Japanese language.

Our company aims at distributing the best Japanese products in the best shops at excellent value for money and at creating further value for the final user helping him to understand, interact and fish in a better, more enjoyable and more complete way thanks to our tools. In this perspective our website will be particularly dynamic and shortly we will place on-line the pages describing the concepts of each product we distribute; everything aimed at providing a service that will result in a better fishing experience thanks to the wisest use of unrivalled quality material.

The news section will be frequently updated just like every other part of our web space. We advise you to stay up-to-date and we thank you for each visit.