Let the bass strike your Slideswimmer!

19 Mar 2013
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There are other big hard swimbaits but none of them is made like Deps Slideswimmer slalom-bait. It is a ‘Limited Edition’ lure for Depsweb Members, but you can also convert yourself the Deps Silent Killer 175 into a Slideswimmer taking its lip off and weighting it properly .

deps-slideswimmer-bassA key difference is the sinuous action the lipless Silent Killer produces, sliding through the water in a zigzag type motion, tracking an underwater “S” pattern in a wider path than other slalom-baits when you retrieve it. This will attract fish from longer distances in clear water, helping you to find good spots quickly. Day in and day out, a non-aggressive natural presentation like this, with less turbulence and that ‘silent’ action (because of the soft shell) will entice a reflex bite from a lunker bass.

The 2.5 oz - 175 mm size its an outstanding early season big northern-strain largemouth bass lure. One advice: when you are targeting big bass, avoid to throw the lure too close to a big fish. This will make a smart bass refuse your big-bait. Older largemouths establish "territories" which they defend. You better figure out the “sweet spot” and try to provoke the bass. Under ideal circumstances, it’ll go there to ‘kill’ the lure...

Sometimes you’ll have to downsize to trigger the bite of a following bass that has refused the standard size. Keep in mind that even a Deps Slideswimmer 115, that imitates perfectly a forage fish, is still bigger than most lures other anglers will be throwing. It’s a fact that smaller swimbaits, realistic in appearance, attract more bites, but I can’t take off my head the monster Slideswimmer 250... and who knows?.

I’m still experimenting and learning different retrieves to catch fish consistently with the Slideswimmer.  Worked properly, this swimbait does wide walks and swooshes exhibiting its gliding action. And let me tell you one thing: I’m just waiting to throw it out again, count it down to the desired depth, then reel, twitch, swim, pause it and wait for that big strike.