Deps Radspringer: unleash the beast!

15 Abr 2013
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deps radspringerHave you ever heard that “Big lures catch big bass”?. This is specially true when we consider topwater lures.

The Deps Radspringer “Big Spasher Pencil Bait”, looks amazing on the topwater. That's the kind of lure you'll find me working when big bass are chasing large baitfish. Catching a bunch of keepers is not as fun as catching a lunker bass.

When you twitch the Deps "Big Splasher", it looks like a real prey-fish skimming in zig-zag motion across the surface. The amount of disturbance this lure can create while cruising the surface has the potential to draw big bass from a long way away.

You can add more atraction to it’s walk by tying feathers on the back treble hook. This is specially interesting when you're fishing clear water.

The more erratic you can make the bait move, creating a commotion on the water's surface the farther you can draw fish in. It's a fact that a fat lazy old bass want a slow moving big easy meal, and that's exactly what this bait represents. But I ususally change the cadence, till I find the one that works that day.

You don’t need heavy swimbait or big bait tackle to work the Deps Radspringer (149 mm length 35 g weight) properly.  This walker will cast as far as you want to and long casts are a critical aspect when you’re fishing  big fish in clear water.

Don’t forget it: this lure is pecially designed to catch big bass. It will capture the attention of any feeding fish that may be in the area. Fished fast or slow, this bait is a deadly weapon when pursuing the top water bite for hungry big fish.

I must tell you: you cannot imagine what is waiting for you: big fish can't resist this lunker-killer. So don´t forget to keep this topwater weapon tied and ready to fhis!.